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This is Involve@Lincoln which has been serving the City of Lincoln as a mental well being centre since 2011.

It is home to peer support groups, counselling services, a friendship café and a variety of therapeutic activities, helping and supporting hundreds of people with their mental health.
It is managed by a charity, Community Assets Plus.

In order to ensure long term sustainability of the centre on its city centre site, it has been decided to try and purchase the building and a fund raising campaign is under way. The savings of rent payable will enable reinvestment in the building and its future in service of the community.

At the core of this is an offer of Community Shares through a Community Benefit Society, Involve@Lincoln Ltd, which will enable centre users, its beneficiaries, supportive organisations, the mental health community and philanthropic individuals and organisations to contribute to its future.

The target is at least £70,000 but the more is raised through shares the less will be required from grants or loans. The processes of raising finance are being supported by Lincolnshire Community Foundation, Social Investment Business, Locality and The Key Fund. It is seeking ShareMatch investment from the Community Shares Unit Booster Programme which would match any other shares sold up to £100,000.

These shares will not provide a significant financial return and dividends are unlikely to exceed around 2%, but will empower the centre to continue its amazing work long into the future. Community shareholders have equal voting rights regardless of the value of shares held. Shares cannot be traded but only sold back to the company that issues them, so have a fixed value at the price issued
The share offer is now open and individuals and corporates can make an application to purchase shares, which will only be issued if the target is reached and the building purchase can go ahead.

Full details of the share offer are available on the website or from
Charles Cooke
Society Secretary, Involve@Lincoln Ltd
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
07969 875464

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