Dance Free indoors – Active Arena

Dance Free indoors – Active Arena

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December 16, 2021
 to December 16, 2021
 to 20:30

Dance Free is a fun and welcoming space. The session starts with a short facilitated guidance into movement to help participants move into their comfort zone, drop into their body and away their thoughts and then the rest is free movement to music through a journey of ambient, euphoric and soulful beats in a mix of genres. 

Participants afterwards describe feeling such a sense of calm from releasing, letting go and feeling free in their body. They feel a real sense of connection with themselves, others and nature, as well as a release of tension and energised. It’s about moving as much or as little as you want, with no judgement. Everyone is welcome – anyone can participate, regardless of age, gender or ability. No experience is necessary. It is a mindful experience moving and connecting to the body through the music. Testimonials from participants can be found on the Dance Free website.

In the dance studio at Active Arena, Lincoln with soft twilight lighting and speakers, with themes to release, empower and feel inner freedom through movement.

Cost is suggested donation, pay what you can afford – sliding scale £5 to £10.

Contact @wedancefree on Facebook/Instagram or email or text 0771 9505844 to book a space. 


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