How it all began

How it all began

A lot of people ask us about our logo and its origin. It all stems back to an event that was held at the Showroom back in July 2011 which was named “Great Expectations”

A group of like minded people, with funding via LPFT, wanted to get mental health organisations across the county to see what they wanted, how they could be help and what they could contribute to a new organisation. We brought together people with a wide variety of lived experience, along with volunteers and voluntary organisations, and key players from the local authority and NHS.

Throughout the day we had guest speakers, stands for groups to show their work and a workshop called “how will we make a community mental health support network work in practice”. We asked people to build a tree, the last part of the exercise was to write a personal promise to improving mental health in the county, we used a sun shape as a sign of hope. To this day we are uncertain who wrote “Shine at what I do” but this message captured our imagination and has been our logo ever since.

One thing that clearly came from the day was people wanted “less talk and more action” and the most important message was “more communication”.

The petals are our goals, what do we want to achieve
The leaves are our growth, what and how are we going to achieve this
The greenflies are our concerns, What are our biggest obstacles and barriers The
The Watering Cans are our supporters, who should we be working with?
The fertilizer is our strength, what are our strengths as individuals or as a group
The sun is our promise, As a result of today’s session I will ............ by when

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