I need help

My Life is in Danger

I Need To Talk To Someone
How Can I Distract Myself
How Can I Help Someone Else
Linking With Other People
My life is in immediate danger
I need to talk to someone

emotional support, guidance and information if you are feeling low, anxious or stressed, and think you might benefit from speaking to someone

24/7 text service, free on all major mobile networks, for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. It’s a place to go if you’re struggling to cope and you need immediate help

If you need someone to talk to, we listen. We won’t judge or tell you what to do

Find out when and where to get help

How can I distract myself

When we are going through a lot it can be difficult to process and we can often end up feeling overwhelmed. If this happens you may find that it helps to take a break move your focus onto something else. This could be a coping mechanism that you have used before and know it works, or an activity that you enjoy doing.

At shine, we recommend:
How can I help someone else

If you are worried about someone you know, you may want to speak to them about it. The conversation should be done in a safe, neutral space at a time that works for them- it is not a conversation that can be forced.

It is important, that you are an active listener- this shows you are paying attention and wanting the conversation to continue, while also allowing them time and space to so as much or as little as they want.

If you are worried about a person’s mental health you can use the acronym ALGEE when approaching a conversation about their health. The steps of ALGEE are interchangeable and can often blur, but they provide a strong foundation that allows you to confidently approach a conversation surrounding mental health.

Linking with other people

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