Peer Link Worker Recruitment

Peer Link Worker Recruitment

Would you like to become a Shine Peer Link Worker?
by Mike

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Shine Peer Link Worker training courses coming soon

Shine is preparing to recruit further volunteers to be trained to become PLW’s in Gainsborough, Louth,  Lincoln and now (electronically) around the county. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone that wants to give back by volunteering. Shine offers a very supportive, understanding and encouraging environment for volunteers to grow, build their skills, develop their self-esteem, meet new people and be part of a team that love what they do.

Peer Link Work as we knew it has changed since the countries lock-down in March with our PLWs keeping in touch with our regular drop-in clients in the Louth area and Lincoln has taken the lead by facilitating our on-line “coffee meetings” three days a week to give people some social interaction and support during the Covid crisis.

Shine are now recruiting volunteers with experience of mental ill health to become future Peer Link Workers and Befrienders.  With the current restrictions in place around the country we will be delivering training on-line in preparation for a time when we can meet clients face-to-face in a safe way.  Until that time we hope to be able to facilitate on-line and telephone befriending and support to people with low-level mental health problems using available electronic communication applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Face-time, Messenger

Training will take place on Zoom in one hour sessions from the week commencing 20th July. Each session will be delivered twice at differing times of the day and different days of the week.  Each session will have a maximum of eight people (including tutors).  Adaption of the course is yet to be arranged but we anticipate the usual 3 day (15 hour) training to be delivered in 6 to 8 one hour sessions

The PLW program is based on non-clinical interventions aimed at helping with an individual’s mental health as well as offering ongoing support for clients; without encouraging learned helplessness.

Where national and local Covid restrictions allow, our PLWs will offer offer group and one-to-one support and work with a multitude of organisations to deliver the best possible ongoing support when needed. The PLW’s are a team of volunteers who help support clients with a range of mental health issues and help refer and signpost them to a wide range of organisations and services within the local area. They may be able to offer a buddying service to appointments and help to work with the client at a pace that suits them. All PLW’s commit their time as volunteers and most have lived experience of metal health issues. The amount of time they volunteer varies depending on their own personal circumstances.

Are you ready?
Would you like to become a Peer Link Worker?

For further Peer Link Worker information contact:
Contact Mike Martin 

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